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Sissy Maids - The hidden costs

Here's that article I was talking about in the last post. For those of you considering a Sissy Maid it makes prudent reading....

Sissy Maids – The hidden costs

That sweet modern ‘must have’ may cost a lot lot more than the 2 new dollars an hour you you thought you’d be paying, and she comes with costs and responsibilities you may never have considered.

You’ve just been to a friend's dinner party and have been charmed and made somewhat envious by her stunning new USM Sissy maid. If only your daughters had one tenth of her elegance and poise!

Or you have just witnessed your sister’s rather plain but cutely gauche RSM maid plough through a mountain of ironing with ease and precision, and you sigh at the mountain of ironing awaiting you when you get home.

So you think…for only two measly dollars an hour why don’t we have one!!!

Well you won’t be the first to want one. Sixty-four percent of all employed sissies are maids….and it has to be said…they make wonderful maids.

But….What are the real costs ?…Train your own Sissy and you may only pay a dollar an hour to her Mother or guardian. But that’s a lot of work with often disappointing results. Reserve Sissy Maids (RSM) train and supply a very serviceable Sissy maid for less than two dollars an hour so is it really worth it ? Sissy Maid Agency (SMA) maids cost a little more, and for a more exclusive Ultra Sissy Maid (USM) expect to pay around four dollars an hour. Of course even four dollars per hour seems incredibly inexpensive.

As you may well know, the agency get half the salary and the Mother the other half. Having a Sissy in the family is never going to make you rich !

So….What are the hidden costs ? Well they are many and not always obvious…..

  • Food and lodging…even if your maid is partnered or still living at home you have to feed her during her working hours. Sissies aren’t slaves and there are serious repercussions should you fail to care for her properly whilst she’s in your home. If you want Sissy ever to stay on beyond 9 pm you must provide a bedroom that is exclusively hers, government inspectors can and do check facilities, and agencies will almost always make regular checks. USM for example have very specific standards and regardless of what hours you intend to work Sissy they insist on you providing a bedroom.
  • Clothing…That deliciously cute frilly uniform doesn’t come free….those seven denier stockings or tights don’t last long even on a precious and attentive Sissy. Even a basic uniform will cost at least 100 dollars, and she’ll need more than one. More exclusive uniforms can easily top 400 dollars. And remember if you have exacting underwear requirements for your ‘dress up dolly’ it’s you that will pay for those precious frilly knickers.
OK you trained her yourself and you don’t insist on a uniform…but you still have to pay for her work clothes, and by law she can’t wear jeans! So as a minimum you’ll be providing her a skirt and blouse, or a dress, and her hosiery. And if you want a maid do you really want her to look like an ugly daughter ?
  • Travel… Remember…you have to pay her travel costs if she doesn’t live in. And as you know during hours of darkness all Sissies have to be accompanied in public. So at 5pm on a winter’s evening you can’t just send her home with her bus fare.
  • Grooming..Technically you don’t have to pay grooming costs, but all agencies have minimum standards. For RSM or SMA maids expect to pay 40 dollars a week on make up, beauty and hair treatment. USM have much more demanding requirements, and a stricter system of partnered providers. For a USM maid for instance Sissy has to have a minimum of one hair appointment a week. They don’t look that stunning and flawless for nothing! A USM maid will cost you at least 80 dollars a week in grooming alone.
  • Training…Even if you train Sissy yourself you have to allow for the time, patience and effort you’ll need. And make sure you are very aware of Sissy employment law..ignorance is no defence. Most people would be well advised to at least employ a qualified Sissy trainer, whereas all agencies train Sissies well, and Sissy will generally know what she can or can’t do, and will very politely and discretely tell you if there is a problem.
  • Discipline…Sissies are sissies and as you know many spend their whole lives in denial, so you should expect the odd little tantrum. If you are with an agency they will have a 24 hour call out to deal with minor to major infringements, and they will cover any damage. Self-trainers beware, your insurance cover may not cover you !

But all this aside, oh the luxury to have a Sissy maid at your beck and call !

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  1. Very interesting, could you come up with a average cost a year to have a sissy maid?