Saturday, 14 July 2012

Sissies and Feminism

Certain Feminists have some concern over the image of femininity that Sissy’s adhere to. I can understand this to some extent. Sissies tend to be directed to be obedient, gentle, ultra feminine in dress and aspect, to pursue ‘traditional’ feminine pursuits and careers.
This is something of a misconception. With a Sissy we are breaking down years of false image. You can not achieve that half-heartedly. Modern women wear trousers, have high powered jobs, choose not to wear make up, and so on. This is exactly as it should be. However this would be a confusing and ambiguous direction to take a Sissy.

Clear lines are needed to eliminate completely this false maleness. So in treating Sissy’s we do adhere to a very old-fashioned and outdated feminine ‘ideal’. So undies are the frilliest, pursuits are as ‘girly’ as embroidery; the Sissy must speak softly and sweetly. These strong distinctions between male and female have to be there if every ounce of stubborn maleness is to be broken. Once your Sissy is fully treated then by all means allow her some more modern benefits of femininity. However whilst I’d avoid keeping an adult Sissy in little girl frocks, I’d still want to keep her obviously feminine in all respects, given that the danger of relapse is ever present.

There’s another reason for this ‘exaggerated’ femininity. This corresponds to the image of femininity of the uninformed male. This is the nearest to the image a Sissy conceives as feminine before treatment. The silly impossibly frilly lacy panties she wears scream femininity to the unsophisticated Sissy mind. There’s no grey there, its black and white undeniably girly. Settling down to an evening of embroidering pretty flowers onto a silk blouse may seem dull or even stupid to many women, but to the Sissy it’s a total denial of her ‘maleness’, and so justifiably a very worthwhile treatment.

In fact many Mother’s express a rather guiltless pleasure in experimenting in these rather politically incorrect edges of femininity. If the Mother gains some pleasure in what is sometimes an arduous and taxing process then this is a good thing.

So to the discontented Feminists I apologise, but try to understand what is being achieved here, to the greater good of women.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Myth Of Freed Sissies

I read an fascinating article in Sissy Mother Magazine the other day which you may have missed. Interesting angle on the so-called freed Sissy myth.

Also, for no reason other than it made me smile here's a photo of a recent Sissy trying to adopt a tough pose. So funny trying to look manly with her pretty black bra showing so prettily through her sheer top.

Onto the article...

The Myth of Freed Sissies

Ever wondered why a Sissy might actually object to being neutered? It's not as though it's anything a Sissy is ever going to need or miss. Well the reason may just lie in the myth of the freed Sissy. A supposed free Sissy may be able to reverse all her changes but this one, absurd though the concept of a freed Sissy may seem. Actually the rather sad and generally short-lived plight of escaped Sissies rather proves the irreversibility of this process, but still the myth persists.

Sissies are in denial from day one....known fact....but even after their Sissy Declaration perhaps the majority of Sissies retain at least some sense of denial. Sissy logic isn't ours but it seems many Sissies still maintain a stubborn belief in a possible miraculous release from Sissydom.

Sissy sub-culture is full of stories of released Sissies sometimes going on to achieve great things, perhaps having families, or being successful. Of course to you and me, seeing that sweet Sissy, perfumed and pantied, washing our clothes, making our beds, sweetly and obediently curtseying and following our every demand, we see no sign of manhood whatsoever. Well sometimes trainers and Mother's are guilty of not squashing these silly ideas in the bud. But sometimes, although a truly good Sissy is one that accepts their place, the illusion of a possible future retraction from their initial identifier, a Sissy exam retest, or a change in rules, lets them cling to the absurd idea of 'release' one day. This false hope has the supposed advantage of maintaining a compliant Sissy.

Let's be clear, the retraction of an identifier is irrelevant once testing is concluded, no second tests are ever allowed, and any change in Sissy Law relates to current treatment of Sissies, testing and identification being the sole responsibility of the High Sissy Council.

So is there any truth at all in the myth of the freed Sissy? Let's look at the supposed top two examples. Simon LeDieu, the fashion designer, and Julian Deese, the writer and patron of SWS (Sissy Welfare Society).

LeDieu first. According to publicists he was freed from Sissydom age 18 because of his obvious prodigious fashion design talents. Well besides design hardly being a permitted Sissy activity, no record of LeDieu can be found on the Sissy Register. This story is merely a publicity ploy especially since it plays on the myth that Sissy's have heightened feminine tastes. Also it has landed LeDieu many referrals for Sissy-wear design.

In the case of Deese there is some little truth, albeit the facts are very important. Deese was one of those rare self reported Sissies. At 17 he reported himself and was assigned to a Sissy school, he changed his mind less than 3 weeks later, just before his delayed Sissy exam. In these unusual circumstances he was 'released'. It appears he had mistakenly misidentified his homosexuality as Sissydom. So whilst Deese does important work for the SWS (Sissy Welfare Society), his habit of identifying himself with Sissies is somewhat disingenuous. Similarly he is not the mythical released Sissy that Sissy sub-culture portrays.

So are Sissies ever released? The short answer is no, no Sissy has ever been 'released' after once having undertaken a Sissy examination. Rarely a boy is realized to be a male after close family identification, but before examination, or the boy is realized to be actually a true male on examination. In a few rare instances Sissy's have been registered but their treatment stopped due to impending terminal health issues. Other than this once a Sissy always a Sissy. Should we let the myth continue? If Mother's ,Partners, and Employers have no objection, despite it's conflict with true Sissy Consciousness maybe it has a place. Personally I'm USM Sissy maid fully accepts her Sissydom, well at least I think so..then again I've not considered neutering......

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Humiliation - Why?

I was in my local supermarket today and witnessed a mother dealing with what I imagined to be a fairly recent and reluctant Sissy. Sissy was obviously not co-operating in some way, but her mother was well up to the task it seemed.

Before Sissy knew it her skirts were up, her delicate frillies on display for all to see, a few quick slaps to bare thigh, her skirts pulled back and the whole business was soon over. Sissy was red faced and contrite, the slaps could barely have hurt but her 'shame' clearly did hurt.

I was just thinking what a well administered little episode this was when to my surprise I heard an elderly lady say to her companion "I don't know why they have to humiliate those Sissies in public like that do you?" Her companion at least wisely did not comment.

I'm still shocked when I hear such uninformed nonsense. This made me decide to quote from my 'Humiliation - Why, When, and How' chapter from my SISI (Syndrome of Inappropriate Sexual Identity) Handbook, where I quote my dearest friend Dr Shelley. As ever my friend gets right to the heart of what to the ill-informed is a controversial subject....the why humiliate a Sissy...

Humiliation – Why, When, and How

Humiliation in some spheres is a controversial and sensitive subject, therefore I have dedicated a chapter to this issue alone.

Let’s deal with the why first of all. Sissies are nearly always in denial, the ‘treatment’ is intended to direct them to their true nature. To achieve this years of false masculine identification have to be broken down. Let’s let Dr Shelley explain :-

‘ It’s not as if you are breaking down a wall, if you take bricks away they stay away, here you take a brick away and due to the stubbornness of Sissies it’s often back again next day. Although I have never found a suitable analogy the closest I can think of as a Doctor is that a Sissies adherence to false male identification is more akin to a disease. So when you try to break down this stubborn false identification the continuing disease can replace any success. Over many years I have found humiliation to be rather akin to an injection to the root of the disease. Of course you are treating the Sissy as femininely in every possible way and therefore slowly breaking down resistance and false self-image. However humiliation, as painful as it may be, gets right to the core of this false self-image. Repeated humiliation breaks down this resistance better than any other tool I have ever tried.’

So humiliation is part of the treatment, not for any misconceived cruelty on the part of the Mother but for the good of the Sissy. It can also be a test of progress. A particular humiliation may cause a complete tantrum in those early weeks, some time later it may just be a bout of tears, a month or so later a little sniffle, the next year a blush, and…well one day it will have little or no effect. Because your Sissy has finally given up this false gender identification.

Saturday, 2 June 2012

Sissy Maids - The hidden costs

Here's that article I was talking about in the last post. For those of you considering a Sissy Maid it makes prudent reading....

Sissy Maids – The hidden costs

That sweet modern ‘must have’ may cost a lot lot more than the 2 new dollars an hour you you thought you’d be paying, and she comes with costs and responsibilities you may never have considered.

You’ve just been to a friend's dinner party and have been charmed and made somewhat envious by her stunning new USM Sissy maid. If only your daughters had one tenth of her elegance and poise!

Or you have just witnessed your sister’s rather plain but cutely gauche RSM maid plough through a mountain of ironing with ease and precision, and you sigh at the mountain of ironing awaiting you when you get home.

So you think…for only two measly dollars an hour why don’t we have one!!!

Well you won’t be the first to want one. Sixty-four percent of all employed sissies are maids….and it has to be said…they make wonderful maids.

But….What are the real costs ?…Train your own Sissy and you may only pay a dollar an hour to her Mother or guardian. But that’s a lot of work with often disappointing results. Reserve Sissy Maids (RSM) train and supply a very serviceable Sissy maid for less than two dollars an hour so is it really worth it ? Sissy Maid Agency (SMA) maids cost a little more, and for a more exclusive Ultra Sissy Maid (USM) expect to pay around four dollars an hour. Of course even four dollars per hour seems incredibly inexpensive.

As you may well know, the agency get half the salary and the Mother the other half. Having a Sissy in the family is never going to make you rich !

So….What are the hidden costs ? Well they are many and not always obvious…..

  • Food and lodging…even if your maid is partnered or still living at home you have to feed her during her working hours. Sissies aren’t slaves and there are serious repercussions should you fail to care for her properly whilst she’s in your home. If you want Sissy ever to stay on beyond 9 pm you must provide a bedroom that is exclusively hers, government inspectors can and do check facilities, and agencies will almost always make regular checks. USM for example have very specific standards and regardless of what hours you intend to work Sissy they insist on you providing a bedroom.
  • Clothing…That deliciously cute frilly uniform doesn’t come free….those seven denier stockings or tights don’t last long even on a precious and attentive Sissy. Even a basic uniform will cost at least 100 dollars, and she’ll need more than one. More exclusive uniforms can easily top 400 dollars. And remember if you have exacting underwear requirements for your ‘dress up dolly’ it’s you that will pay for those precious frilly knickers.
OK you trained her yourself and you don’t insist on a uniform…but you still have to pay for her work clothes, and by law she can’t wear jeans! So as a minimum you’ll be providing her a skirt and blouse, or a dress, and her hosiery. And if you want a maid do you really want her to look like an ugly daughter ?
  • Travel… Remember…you have to pay her travel costs if she doesn’t live in. And as you know during hours of darkness all Sissies have to be accompanied in public. So at 5pm on a winter’s evening you can’t just send her home with her bus fare.
  • Grooming..Technically you don’t have to pay grooming costs, but all agencies have minimum standards. For RSM or SMA maids expect to pay 40 dollars a week on make up, beauty and hair treatment. USM have much more demanding requirements, and a stricter system of partnered providers. For a USM maid for instance Sissy has to have a minimum of one hair appointment a week. They don’t look that stunning and flawless for nothing! A USM maid will cost you at least 80 dollars a week in grooming alone.
  • Training…Even if you train Sissy yourself you have to allow for the time, patience and effort you’ll need. And make sure you are very aware of Sissy employment law..ignorance is no defence. Most people would be well advised to at least employ a qualified Sissy trainer, whereas all agencies train Sissies well, and Sissy will generally know what she can or can’t do, and will very politely and discretely tell you if there is a problem.
  • Discipline…Sissies are sissies and as you know many spend their whole lives in denial, so you should expect the odd little tantrum. If you are with an agency they will have a 24 hour call out to deal with minor to major infringements, and they will cover any damage. Self-trainers beware, your insurance cover may not cover you !

But all this aside, oh the luxury to have a Sissy maid at your beck and call !

Sissy Maids - You never can tell!

I'm just so envious of my friend's new USM maid I told you about last week. She's an absolute peach, and oozes femininity so much it's truly impossible to imagine she ever thought she was a male. The idea just seems so absurd.

However most amusingly my friend overheard a private conversation between her new maid and her neighbour's, how can we put it, her neighbour's  rather solid but hard working SMA maid. It appears the SMA maid, in confidence, told my friend's maid she'd finally accepted she was a Sissy and now gave no further resistance to her treatment. Given what an apparently robust thing she is my friend was rather charmed by the young Sissy's sensible attitude.

But imagine my friend's shock when in reply she overheard her sweet elegant darling declare she was 'not' a Sissy and she merely pretended to accept being a Sissy to avoid punishment, and one day she'd be a boy again.

Anyone who knows Sissies would recognise this as not particularly unusual. Some Sissies never accept what they are. But my friend was really taken aback. At first shocked, but when we spoke later highly amused. We both had a rather girlish fit of the giggles the more we thought about it. How could this fragrant, gentle, elegant, soft spoken, pretty, and frankly sexy young Sissy ever imagine she was anything but one hundred per cent Sissy. I'm afraid we laughed so much, and perhaps a glass or two of Chardonnay did not help, but our behaviour summoned a rather nervous Sissy Maid to see if we were all right. Of course Sissy's sweet demeanour only sent us into further fits of giggles much to Sissy's blushing perplexity.

I found quite an interesting article about Sissy Maids in a magazine the other day. I'll put it in my next post, made interesting reading.

Friday, 25 May 2012

My friend has her maid, and she's gorgeous!

Oh my word! I'd barely finished posting the USM Maid post and my friend called to say her new maid is arrived. She's gorgeous apparently, sweet spoken, elegant, and blushes adorably! Now I'm so much more envious and can't wait to see her myself.

She arrived with her Monitor and lots and lots of paperwork. My friend knows every detail of her history and all of her little peccadillos. She shared this summary with me,  I've blanked out some personal details but I do think it reflects USM standards. Oh, and I don't get paid by USM by the way..I wish!

Your New USM Maid

Welcome to the exclusitivity of Ultra Sissy Maid households, Thank you for your good taste, and congratulations !

This booklet is intended as a brief and concise guide which we hope will ease you into employing your Ultra Sissy Maid. More details of your Maid History and the Contract with USM can be found in the Contracts and Information Folder.

Your Maid


Your maid is called Kimberley Marie-Claire. You have chosen however for her to answer to the name of Sissy or Trixibelle. Sissy has been trained to respond to these names.

Sissy's former name is available on request.

Sissy is xx years of age. born 12-10-2xxx.

Education and Training
Sissy attended Darwen Infants, Darwen Juniors, and was removed from Darwen High School when Sissy was examined and declared Sissy on 13-11-2xxx. She was before that time streamed in the top form, and considered academically gifted.

Sissy attended Prestige Sissy Boarding School from 18-11-2xxx to 15-11-2xxx
Sissy's RAM ratings (Resistance and Submission Index) were
A to B - 24-11-2xxx – 23% faster than average
B to C – 2- 1-2xxx - 11% faster than average
C to D – 15- 2-2xxx - 35% faster than average
D to E – 23 – 3-2xxx - 5% faster than average
Sissy was given 'Balanced Sissy Status' on 28-5-2xxx
21% faster than average
Sissy declared and signed her Sissy Citizenship Declaration on 1- 6 -2xxx
22% faster than average
Sissy received an A rating on graduation in 15-11-2xxx

Sissy attended Prestige Sissy Finishing School from 3- 1-2xxx to 3-4-2xxx
Sissy graduated with a B+ in 3- 4-2xxx

Sissy passed her USM entry exam and interview on 18- 4 – 2xxx

Sissy attended the USM Academy from 1 – 5 – 2xxx to 1 -12 – 2xxx

Sissy commences employment in your household on 26-5-2xxx

Health and Sexual Welfare


Height-5feet 8ins or 171cm
(Expected max height 5ft 9ins or 174cms with continued Growth Inhibitor)

Weight-8stone 3lbs or 52Kg

Waist -26

Dress Size-8

Shoe Size-7


Sissy commenced APT (Appropriate Hormone Treatment) on 18-11-2xxx
Sissy's APT injection day is Wednesday and the nurse will attend at your home if necessary. Some clients prefer to administer themselves and this can be discussed with the nurse.

Sissy also receives a monthly dose of Growth Inhibitor this will continue until her 19th birthday . Consult your Monitor should you wish to change this arrangement .

Sissy has responded very well to her AHT and achieved a bust size of 34B and no corrective breast surgery was deemed necessary. Consult your Monitor should you wish to augment her breasts in any way.

Sissy is intact but her Partner and Step-Mother have no objection to neutering. Tests and reports indicate very little testicular or penile activity in Sissy so she receives an SSR (Sexual Safety Rating) of B (Highest unneutered rating). Once again please consult your Monitor should you wish to follow the legal and medical procedure to neutering your maid.

Sexual History

Sissy' s Stepmother , Mrs Gxxx Pxxxx reports possibly two nightly emissions before her Sissy designation. Whilst having a few girl acquaintances Mrs Pxxxx is aware of no girlfriends and confirms no sexual experience.

During her first sexual response test on 24-11-2xxx at Prestige Sissy Boarding School , Sissy reported low libido with a 17 minute response time. Sissy reached ejaculation just within time limits at 29 minutes a month into her AHT (Appropriate Hormone Treatment). This was her last recorded ejaculation, she subsequently failed to ejaculate in the next 4 monthly tests and further tests were deemed inappropriate.

Sissy's ASOT (Appropriate Sexual Orientation Training) at Prestige Sissy Boarding School did elicit 'some marked resistance'. However her final ASOT results were B+

Sissy's Sexual Practise Tutor at Prestige Sissy Finishing School reports that....
' Sissy Robin showed some initial resistance during her early oral and anal training, which contrasted with her otherwise docile and submissive nature. During the more advanced simulated oral and anal exercises she showed some clear agitation. However through continued practise this gave way to some very minor penile stimulation and some mild colouring which delightfully simulates modest blushing. Her continued ability to blush is a very attractive feature and I confidently expect her to be partnered very shortly ......Sissy Kimberley has very very minor penile tension on occasion, this would probably not be reversible with neutering, being little more than a shadow of clitoral stimulation. With her SSR (Sexual Safety Rating) of B (Highest unneutered rating), I do not advise neutering, although if a future partner or employer felt more comfortable neutering Sissy Robin, then her hormone dosage might be reduced a little. All in all Sissy Robin is sexually safe in the presence of females, and after some early difficulties she will now make a willing, able, and delightfully modest sexual partner.'

Sissy was partnered to Bxxxx Txxxx Sxxxxxxx on 11 – 12 - 2xxx (5 year contract). Mr Sxxxxxxx reports...
'Sissy was clearly agitated and fearful on the day of our Partnership. As advised by her agency I administered minor corporal punishment prior to my first penetration and Sissy Kimberley proved adequately submissive, whilst compliant in aiding my stimulation. Perhaps I detected a little sulkiness during those first few days of penetration and oral relief. But you can never truly see into a Sissy's mind. However her charming ability to blush and pout occasionally is an extremely attractive characteristic.' …......'Sissy's sexual hygiene is second to none, her morning and evening anal douches are performed thoroughly and speedily, any toilet visits are followed by an anal douche and lube regardless of their nature. Following any night-time penetration Sissy Robin will insert a Sissy Tampon until her morning douche. For day time or early morning penetrations she will douche, lube and wear a Tampon and Pantyliner for a minimum of two hours, followed of course by a thorough douche and lube on their removal. Any employer will need to be aware of Sissy's standards and ensure the necessary facilities and materials are available to her.'.........'I have no objection to Sissy Kimberley being used for oral stimulation of guests and family, however I do reserve anal rights, except in the case of any prolonged absences during such instances we can make arrangements for a Servicing Partner. I will continue to administer mild corporal punishment for sexual pleasure and Sissy's obedience conditioning, however Sissy will not be marked in any way detrimental to her attractive appearance. I am sure you will find Sissy Kimberley an attractive and useful addition to your household.'

USM Maids

A very dear friend of mine is eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of her first USM maid. I am so envious! There's plenty of Sissy Maid agencies out here but surely Ultra Sissy Maids are the creme de la creme! I just wish I could justify the expense, but really the two Sissies I have at home now do all the household chores quite adequately, but....wouldn't it be nice to swank.

For anyone out there with a bigger purse than me, or for anyone who just wants to dream like me I'm posting USM's flyer that I found in a magazine yesterday.

Ultra Sissy Maids



THE most exclusive Sissy Maid Agency

Why choose USM……………

  • We choose the most beautiful and elegant Sissies
  • Minimum of 12 months USM standard intensive training
  • Regular follow up training and monitoring
  • Scheduled make up, hair, beauty treatment, and uniform appointments at our selected partners at competitive rates
  • Show your standards…A USM maid greeting your guests and family is the mark of true class

Our training……………

  • very exacting standards…our maids walk and move gracefully as though they were born in heels
  • Speech and odd falsetto or inappropriate language..our maids speak softly, sweetly, and clearly..through rigorous training, selection, and minor corrective surgery
  • Obedience..Our sissies are responsive, polite, courteous..Any disciplinary issues, unlikely as they are, will be dealt with swiftly and efficiently by your assigned monitor. A ‘Yes ma’am’ and the prettiest of curtsies every time will soon leave you fully confident in your Sissy
  • House trained..Our Sissies are fully trained in all aspects of household management suitable to a Sissy. Cleaning, laundry, dusting, tidying, bed making, silver service,food preparation all to
  • Custom training..Want an exclusive ladies maid, with attention to every fine detail of your appearance?, or perhaps a maid for your business with special meet and greet skills ? we can select and train especially to meet your needs 
  • Selection and customisation.. whether blonde or brunette, or even strawberry, tall or short, neutered or intact, we can find or create the maid for you
  • Exclusivity..Remember..You and your home or premises have to meet our standards for you to be offered a USM maid. We regretfully have to reject clients every day..But only through your exacting standards can we keep ours.

WHY wait any longer for the Sissy maid you have always dreamed of, contact USM now at usm.sis !